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EGGW: ApporachLight Systems and LOC-antennas

Bert Groner

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Hello dear iniBuilds-developers!

Thanks for making EGGW - a really fine piece of software... Even the difficult hill structures in the west are made very well: Congratulations!

May I kindly ask you to fix the following?

1. Both LOCALIZER antennas are missing as 3D models - please insert them.

2. Both Approach Light Systems are showing white side row lights - they should be lit in red instead as they are CALVERT HIGH aka HIALS-II. See the attached graphic please.

Thanks a lot for your time - kind regards!



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Posted (edited)

Hello Richboy2307!

I've just a look onto the new version: Thanks for the red side row lights at the CALVERT HIGHs and the LOCALIZER antennas.

Can you please deactivate/delete the Sequenced Flashing Lights (SFL) of the CALVERT HIGH and the Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) both at runway 25? According to current charts (see my post above please) EGGW doesn't have got one.

Thanks so much for your time - cheers!


PS: Can the "Luton DART" train be animated please?

Edited by Bert Groner
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