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  1. Thanks a lot - keen to see the update 🙂 Bert
  2. Hi XWind! Thanks for the improvemants on NZPM and the other updates for Rockford - most appreciated... Have a good time! Bert
  3. Hello all at iniBuilds! Thanks a whole lot for KMKE - a long awaited but not expected airport brillantly made as freeware... May I kindly ask you to change the approach lights system (ALS) for runway 01L from an ALSF-I into an ALSF-II as well with sequenced flashing lights (SFL)? Jeppesen, LIDO and the FAA are reporting this type for this runway, not an ALSF-I. Thanks again - have a good time! Bert
  4. Hello Richboy2307! I've just a look onto the new version: Thanks for the red side row lights at the CALVERT HIGHs and the LOCALIZER antennas. Can you please deactivate/delete the Sequenced Flashing Lights (SFL) of the CALVERT HIGH and the Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) both at runway 25? According to current charts (see my post above please) EGGW doesn't have got one. Thanks so much for your time - cheers! Bert PS: Can the "Luton DART" train be animated please?
  5. Maybe the drainage is damaged and must be fixed 😉 I see the same - thanks! Bert
  6. Hello dear iniBuilds-developers! Thanks for making EGGW - a really fine piece of software... Even the difficult hill structures in the west are made very well: Congratulations! May I kindly ask you to fix the following? 1. Both LOCALIZER antennas are missing as 3D models - please insert them. 2. Both Approach Light Systems are showing white side row lights - they should be lit in red instead as they are CALVERT HIGH aka HIALS-II. See the attached graphic please. Thanks a lot for your time - kind regards! Bert
  7. Hello all at XWind Studios! I have to retrun to your well made KRFD as I've overseen a wrong build approach light system for runway 7: Please lower all the poles down all the way to the ground as they are now a real danger for incoming planes because they are way to high. On Google Earth is clearly to see that the lights are all on the ground. Thanks a lot - kind regards! Bert
  8. Hi all at XWind! Thanks a lot for making the "new kid on the block" in the Chicago's airport's area: KFRD... A very, very well made airport scenery. Please activate the Sequenced Flashing Lights (SFL) for the ALSF-II approach light system at runway 7 as this are missing actually. Thanks so much - take care! Bert PS: Can you please get me bert.groner(at)fsmagazin.de your logo as big as possible (minimum width at 30 cm) and background transparent as AI, EPS, PNG. PSD, SVG or TIF? I want to recommend you sceneries to my readers and need the logo for that purpose.
  9. Hello all at XWind! Thanks for making Palmerston airport - it's a great scenery. May you please check the following? 1. At the passenger tarmac I see a Diamond twin prop there beside (correct) Dash 8-Q400. It shouldn't be there. While beeing at NZPM there have been a lot of parking spots for smal airplanees free. 2. May you place some static GA airplanes at the apron of the Massey University School of Aviation? Now it looks very empty... 3. What about creating the Palmerston North Regional Hospital with the helipad and hangar for virtual heli pilots? Thanks a lot in advance - have a good time! Bert
  10. Bert Groner


    Hello all at XWind! I've had one CTD while trying to get from your NZDN scenery to NZPM via the airport menu. Once restarted MSFS and going directly to NZPM it works. Just for your Information... Take care! Bert PC: NZPM is a relly nice scenery...
  11. Hi Nico-Gumby! That was it - after switching from TAA to the other modes (Nvidia DLSS Superresolution, FXAA or DLAA) the LDIN are clealy visible again - even at daytime. Thanks so much! Bert PS: By the way a big THANK YOU to the whole iniScenedev team for the important update on PHNL. Now this scenery is perfect - except the not animated tram 😉
  12. Will have - thanks - keen to get the update... Take care! Bert
  13. Hello all at AuraScenery! Thanks for making EGPD. Looks really nice. I kindly ask you to fix the following: 1. Please remove the Touch Down Zone lighting (TDZ) at both ends of runway 16/34 - in real there are none. 2. Please remove the Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) of runways 16/34 as there are none in real. 3. Please change the 3D models of the glidepath antennas with similar red/white ones plus two or three white cross bar antennas as this rendition will meet the real look of such antennas. Specimen attached. 4. Can you please ad a simple single antenna mast to the red/white DME/TACAN housing opposite the terminal? Thanks so much in advanve - most appreciated - have a good time! Bert 364429.pdf
  14. Hello iniScene, good day! I've just discused the LDIN approach for KJFK's runways 13L/R with other PC pilots which told me that the LDINs within your scenery are hard to see - even at night. I was able to confirm this and remember that and remember from my review they have been brighter before. Maybe a simulator update has made them smaller or less brighter? Will it be possible to make the rabbit lights more visible (again) e.g. by making them bigger or brighter? Thanks so much - have a good day!s Bert
  15. Great news, thanks so much, Nico! Bert
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