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Huge FPS Drop in a certain aera


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The problem is similar to the Honolulu Scenery before it was fixed. The area as you can see in the Screenshot is responsible for a drop of the FPS what makes the scenery unusable in that area.



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- are @Mathlets and I the only one with this problem?
- can the developers reproduce the problem?
- is somebody working on this problem or do we have to live with it?

Some infos would be much appreciated!

Thx, Kansti

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What are your scenery config options? Does this also happen with items like "Terminals - People", "Landside Cars" & "Animated Airtrain" disabled?

Here is a video of me floating past in drone cam with no noticeable immediate change in FPS across this area. (Specs: AMD 5800x3D. RTX 3090, 32GB RAM)

Maybe if you can share similar videos with the FPS Counter (enabled in via Developer Options > Debug Menu > Display FPS).
Also try to clear your scenery indexes, reduce Terrain Level of Detail settings (100 or lower) and empty you rolling cache (if using any). 

For clearing scenery index: 


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
IniBuilds Ltd. | inibuilds.com

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