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BMW&AmSim KMIA for MSFS v1.0.1 not detected - not fixed in v1.1.0


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that BMW&AmSimKMIA installation problem still persists in the latest version. I reinstalled MSFS (because of an SSD upgrade), did a clean installation of KMIA v1.1.0, restarted the iniManager and still the airport is not detected as installed. In my opinion the problem is that iniManager still looks for the old folder name "bmwamsim-kmia-miami" that was used for the release version v1.0.0. Since then every update installs as "bmworldamsim-kmia-miami", so people who didn't manually delete the "bmwamsim-kmia-miami" folder when updating have two KMIA folders in their Community (and then iniManager is of course happy because it detects KMIA as installed). Please fix.


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