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Xbox Series X - multiple issues


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Hi - first post here, so please be gentle!

So, I purchased the recently released A300 at the weekend and am having a number of issues whilst (trying) to operate it. Key amongst these are:

- Crash to desktop when loading into a flight (every time unless I load a different aircraft beforehand then return to the menu to select the A300).

- AP disconnects randomly, and often can't be re-engaged.

- The buttons, dials and switches animate incredibly slowly when interacted with - other aircraft (including study level 3rd party purchases) don't exhibit this.

- Flight plan is often (very often to be fair) followed for a few minutes, then veers away from the plan without any user intervention.

- During 2 memorable flights and whilst in cruise, the aircraft suddenly entered an irretrievable dive and spin to the ground, again without any user intervention. Several passengers weren't happy ;-).

I absolutely understand this aircraft is a complex piece of development, and that bugs are to be expected, but the reality is right now I'm not able to confidently complete a flight due to these problems, and am loathe to spend half an hour setting-up a flight not knowing if I'll be able to keep the aircraft in the air. Searching around the forum I've seen PC users have had some of these challenges too, so I wanted to understand if the Xbox release version is an earlier one to that on PC, and if so are fixes coming to the Xbox platform?



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Hi. I’m also on series X and flying the A300. So far only the freighter version as I’d heard that the passenger version has some issues for some reason


CTD on loading is an issue that has been unresolved since the A310 first appeared on the sim and is very frustrating. Don’t know why it happens to these 2 aircraft and no others


Do you have any assistance settings turned on? Go into assistance and set as true to life. And also in somewhere else make sure the flight model is set to modern. This may well be the source of some of your problems. If you want markers or AI ATC assistance then you can go back in and reactivate these and it will be fine.


Only issue I’ve had with autopilot was it deciding once to “ride the waves” while trying to decide whether or not to capture an ILS glide slope. Fortunately it was a cargo flight or there would have been a serious cleanup required in the cabin 😁


Aside from a couple of minor bugs like simbrief flight plan not loading into CDU, the main issue I’ve had with it is lag and stutters which again, the A310 is also very prone to when coming into large airports, especially at night or in bad weather

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Quick update. So taking @Azlog's advice I tried the freighter variant (stock livery) and it was definitely better - no CTD on load, followed the flight plan, and apart from a small blip with the AP during in cruise (I was able to re-engage it as soon as it mysteriously disengaged), it was a good flight.

Does anyone know whether the Xbox and PC versions are at the same version level, or is the Xbox currently behind?

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Well i also have issues with the A300 but not the problems you are incoutering.

On the UPS A300-600RF the aircraft is pulling heavely to right or left i dont have that in other liveries.

sometimes when i depart a airport without a SID and i have to put the waypoints in my self after T/O i put on the autopilot and the aircraft is going hard to the right and falls out of the sky cant do anything about it.

and i cant wait for liveriepacks because the mean reason i wanted the A300 is because i love the old American Airlines livery on the aircraft🙂.

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