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Issue with navigating system to a specific airport


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Hello all. I'm having an issue with a flight from KCLT to KICT. I import the simbrief flight plan into the FMS. I  turn the selector on the MCP to select Plan to make sure I have a good viable flight plan. Every thing on the flight plan checks out with the exception when I get to my destination airport's runway which in this case was 1L at KICT. Unlike my previous flight plans at other airports the path into the runway is always in line with the runway. However at KICT the path into runway 1L does not directly line up. You'll see this in the pic that I provided. I tried flying this route and when I get to the final approach the aircraft starts behaving strangely for example it will start to move off the flight path and go in circles. I've flow to other airports and this doesn't happen at all. If someone could perhaps fly this route with the a300-600R and let me know what I'm doing incorrectly it would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshot (4).png

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