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Radio not working with vpilot


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I have over 20 hours on VATSIM with 1.02.  Just finished a flight to TJSJ.  Not a problem for me.

Mark "Crabby" Crabtree AAL311 | PHL
I7-9700KF | 2070 Super | Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo | MFG Crosswind


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On 1/14/2024 at 3:02 PM, johe_ini_2312 said:


since 1.01 I have the problem that the radios are shown powered on but when I dial a VATSIM vpilot frequency like tower or radar for example there is no transmission at all...

Keep in mind the A300 radio works different. You'll have the active freq where the radio switch is showing in direction to.

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