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Door slide behavior with many sceneries


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I know the standard op is to ensure the engines are off, parking brakes set, beacon light off before disarming all doors. But I've encountered issues where the moment i taxied to the gate and have my manual brakes still tapped in for the plane to stop, some sceneries with their jetway would start attaching itself to my L1 door before i could even do the shutdown sequence which resulted in the emergency slides deploying.

Perhaps its better to allow an option to temporary disable the door arming behavior for some of us via the efb. Also one additional suggestion to have a single button *disarm all doors* instead of having to go through one door at a time on the EFB.

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The disarm all doors functionality is already on the wishlist and will probably come.

As for the door disarming.. Sounds more like a scenery issue when the jetways already connect before the engines are off.. 😄 Would you mind telling me though, at which scenery this happens for example? Maybe we can inhibit the jetways moving on its own

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It seems to be gsx related especially once you've prompted the gate you wanna park at in advance. Some sceneries especially with some of the payware i own will have the jetway start docking in whenever i come to a complete stop at the gate without giving me time to shutdown the engines and headover to the EFB for disarm all the doors.



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