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T/O performance calculation wrong?


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Hi there again,

Found this possible issue while playing around with different loads. Something seems wrong here. The Vr of the plane is ALWAYS above 160kts for me, no matter if the plane is completely empty or well loaded. Even stranger, it just gave me a Vr of 161 kts for a load of 160t - and a Vr of 168 kts, significantly higher, for a weight of 92t (no load, 2,5t of fuel, basically empty) which just can't be right. It lifts off by itself at about 130 at that weight at the correct trim, no way to realistically keep it on the runway to 168 empty in that situation. I attached the Perf Calc images as proof.

Also, changing between Force TOGA on/off as some user in Discord suggested had no effect at all on speeds. Difference between 15/0 and 15/15 is neglegible at a few kts difference, still way too high. V speeds all tend to get lower the higher the weight is at the same CG?

Greetings, Felix

FlightSimulator 2023-12-30 23-50-37-486.jpg

FlightSimulator 2023-12-30 23-51-20-819.jpg

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