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Multiple livery install issues


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I've noticed several problems involving liveries for the A300:


1. Lufthansa Express (D-AIAS):

Cannot be downloaded through iniManager. "File Not Found." I can download through the forum, however.


2. Islandsflug Cargo (TF-ELW):

Installs fine through iniManager. When downloaded from the forum, however, it cannot be extracted. It says the compressed folder is invalid. If I try 7-Zip instead, it states: "Headers Error, Unconfirmed start of archive, There are some data after the end of the payload data."


3. Islandsflug Cargo (TF-ELB):

Installs fine through iniManager, but when I close the program and reopen it, it treats it as if it isn't installed. I would have to manaually delete the livery from my Community folder, if I decided to remove it in future.


4. Multiple Freighter Liveries:

This isn't a huge issue, but for OCD sufferers like me it does bother me. 🙂 Multiple freighter liveries have differing "ui_type" assignments in their respective aircraft.cfg files. Some show in the simulator as "A300-600RF", some show as "A300-600F", and some just show "A300". 

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