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Cockpit indirect lighting conditions


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Hi everyone,

thank you for the masterpiece that is the A300. Love every single bit of it!

I've noticed a small inconsistency that I'd like to share here, maybe there's an easy solution.

It's about two light sources that aren't all completely realistic: First, there's the green glow of the FMS, which is also displaying when these are of (tested with loading up in C&D)



I wonder if that one is baked in or just a light source? Could it be made conditional so that it's off when the FMS displays are off? Or even better: Make it dim with the FMS' brightness?


The second one is pretty similar. The galley lighting is brightening the whole cockpit area (which looks amazing!) even though the door is closed:


Same thing there: Could there be the condition to have it turn dark whenever the cockpit door is closed?

Thanks for any considerations!

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Thanks for fixing the FMS glow - that was blazing fast! 🥰

Much better now, however I've noticed a little mix up in the corresponding light sources.

If you turn off the right FMS, the glow above the left on disappears and vice versa. image.thumb.png.1dff41b3ef5b924b26d2975f400aac34.png

Nothing too bad though, at leats the aircraft is now really cold and DARK.

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