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OMDB Statics and VDGS


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Hey guys,

I really enjoy the new scenery and it looks so great. 
Anyways I have to thinks which I would like to remove.

1. VDGS. Is there a way to turn them off to use only GSX?

2. Statics. I removed them but can’t use the gates where they where placed. 

Lookin forward for feedback 

Happy holidays 


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9 hours ago, Nico - Gumby said:


What do you mean with the first point? There only is GSX integration.

Yep, this is the intended way, I'll put it on our list and see if we can change it in the future.

You have those static VDGS where u placed the GSX ones in. I mean is there a way to switch your default VDGS off so the GSX ones are the only ones?

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