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A310 fuel


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Looks like the fuel consumption is broken? The Simbrief dispatched fuel is always about double what the A310 uses, ie my 6h30 flight yesterday only used 30,000 lbs instead of the 60,000 lbs dispatched by Simbrief. Same the other day, for 9h flight only used 17,000 kg instead of 40,000 kg? My fuel factor in Simbrief always has been to default P00..

Is it Asobo SU13 causing this?


Also the Simbrief initial altitudes are often above the A310 MAX ALT for the relevant weights..


Any one else got same?



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I'm selecting the A310 then one of the liveries I saved with the Simbrief NEW AIRFRAME option.

For the last flight, I used the N813PA livery installed from the iniManager, so selected that one after creating it with the Simbrief NEW AIRFRAME A310 option (edited some weights to match the load weight in the A310 tablet), renaming it N813PA...

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