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Ground spoiler logic faulty: Should retract when advancing thrust


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Ground spoiler logic, after landing with spoilers armed:
When at least one throttle is out of idle, spoilers retract. This is essential for go-around after ground contact. Also during normal ops, advancing a thrust lever after landing can be used to retract spoilers.

With the inibuilds A310, spoilers remain extended after thrust is advanced. When the airplane gets airborne again, they exit their ground spoiler function (retract by ~50%) but remain extended as speed brakes until they are manually disarmed. Here is a second error: during bounce with thrust at idle, ground spoilers should remain extended.

I've reported this in February, it was added to the bug list and the topic was closed - but the bug still exists, and this would be a real killer in real world aviation.

p. 126-127


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