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Xometry KOKC Xplane 11/12 Stutters


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i have the KOKC Will Rogers world Airport By Xometry scenery for xplane 11 and 12 but im using 11 i noticed that oklahoma airport scenery has some performance issue im doing a fresh re-install of the scenery as i am making thing post,but everytime im changing my view my cpu work load going up and CPU temp raise from 47C to 60-70C with some stutters how can i fix it ?heres the log


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Hello, thanks for reaching out!

It is completely normal behavior that the frames will drop a bit if you move the view to areas where more objects/clutter are placed. But interesting is how many frames you lose by moving the camera into those areas. As I can see in your log.txt, you have a strong GPU, so normally it can handle this scenery easily.. Can you tell me how many frames you have by default and by moving the camera to the terminal area?

The scenery was developed and tested by using a GTX1070 without any heavy stutters.

Kind regards

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