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Take-off trim


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The take-off trim suggested by the EFB does not seem to be enough. After TO I have to add a LOT of trim to stay at V2 +10. Watched a video on you tube by an airline pilot "Into the blue simulations" - and he had a similar experience. Some feedback from a real A310 driver would be appreciated or is this a bug?

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Thanks for your post. At heavy weights on the A310 slats only takeoff can be quite heavy. If you are regularly doing heavy take-offs please try using 15/15 or 15/20 this will give lighter rotation forces at higher weights. 

Also, one thing to note, please make sure you have exactly the correct trim set as it can be very easy to leave the default trim setting of 1 UP in and this can give strange rotation forces. 

Finally, make sure you load the aircraft first and then do the takeoff performance calculation otherwise the takeoff figures will be based on the default loaded weight. 

Many thanks,


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