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EGNV Feedback and Bug Report


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Hi there,

congratulations on your MSFS release of EGNV, I was very pleasantly surprised to see this airport done in high detail. Modelling and texturing is superb, it's crisp and the colours feel accurate. Also the ground textures look very life-like and I love how you did some static aircraft for the military area and Draken.

I did find an error that requires an urgent fix I'm afraid:

  • All taxiway signs are doubled, usually a smaller one in front of a larger one, and some are not showing the same signage between the two:



Flat Objects

Also I've found a few spots with flat objects on the aerial imagery that needs some work to not break immersion:

  • Concrete road running over flat mounds of earth/sand
  • Half a vehicle (?) and half an aircraft sticking out under the apron texture. One next to a hangar and the other is right next to aircraft parking spots:


I hope you can cover these up with some grass (or concrete) textures? Especially the one next to the parking apron is very noticeable. 

  • Another very visible flat bright object right next to the taxiway, which looks rather bad when taxiing by. Maybe you can also just cover it with matching grass textures?



Incorrect Taxiway Lighting configuration
Checking the UK AIP I would suggest you fix the taxiway lights placement to better correspond to the real airport:

  • The green centre line lighting on taxiway A should stop abeam stand 13, it does not go all the way to the runway
  • Blue edge lighting is ONLY available on taxiway A. Taxiways B, C and D should NOT have any blue edge lighting.

And last but not least:

  • Could you add more aircraft spawning points? I see there are none at the military area and none in front of the hangars. Would be fantastic to have more choice of parkings for GA and military flying.
  • The airport fence is missing! 🙂  You can clearly see on the aerial imagery where the fence is running along, would be fantastic if it were present in 3D.

Thank you again for your work, I hope you can fix these items and bring the airport closer to perfection!

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6 hours ago, FLY X Simulations said:

Hey, thank you for the feedback and bug reports. I've started working on fixing/improving them now, so hopefully, I will have an update for you soon.

Thank you, very much appreciated!

In case you don't have it already, here's the TWY lighting info of the AIP:


CL: Green centreline lighting is provided on Taxiways Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Green centre-line lighting is provided on Taxiway Alpha between the intersection of Taxiway Bravo until adjacent to Stand 13.

EDGE: Blue edge lighting is provided throughout taxiway Alpha.


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On 8/12/2023 at 5:03 PM, FLY X Simulations said:

Hey, thank you for the feedback and bug reports. I've started working on fixing/improving them now, so hopefully, I will have an update for you soon.

Thank you for addressing ALL my raised items so quickly, superb service, very highly appreciated! 

One last thing in case you'd be willing to do another update at some point:
You have placed a few of the stock asset street cars onto parking stands as ground clutter. The problem with them is, these are not meant to be used as ground support equipment because their texture is of extremely low resolution, I think they're meant to be used on parking lots viewed from a distance.

Now seeing these rather ugly car models up close because they're parked next to the cockpit window is a bit unfortunate because the cars do not fit your otherwise very crisp modelling at all. I mean feel free to place these wherever you see them fit, but perhaps just not onto aircraft stands where they are visible very close-up?



Oh and as you can see above, the GSE you placed forward-right on most aircraft stands can conflict with dynamic GSE placed around AI aircraft. If it is possible to move these items a bit out of the way, that would be brilliant. 

Thanks again for that super fast update, I'll make sure to leave you a review!

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