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Poor Performance -> Long Bus Interface Load on GPU


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I've noticed the airports poor performance seemed like it was continiously loading it's surroundings for roughly 5 minutes.
With my 8700k @5.4ghz & RTX 2080 I've noticed something very odd, particulary the "Bus Interface Load" from my GPU seems to have an activity of 50% for 5 minutes when low fps occur at Inibuilds KJFK. It's only after these 5 minutes that Bus Interface Load stops and I finally reach the 45/55 fps I usually have at EGLL or KLAX from Inibuilds itself.

So what's the reason KJFK loads assets for such a long time into the GPU? Is there some sort of loop or reiterating instruction that's not been spotted yet?

Other details;
Most options on scenary are disabled
FSLTL with low-res liveries doesn't impact this problem
Problems still occurs when lowering texture resolutions although it does seem to be less by a minute.
Also; lowering LOD on Terrain and Objects doesn't do anything so this is not a "solution".

Again there is clearly something differently going because otherwise it wouldn't eventually run at 45/55fps after the initial sitting ducks viewing one direction at this airport. It's just constantly loading and prioritizing assets it seems.

If there is any acknowledgement regarding this and/or news that you are trying to fix this; please just share 

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An update on my poor performance on Inibuilds KJFK. The FPS on 3440x1440 resolution around the area where my Bus Interface Load is @72 is around 10-13 frames per second.
However, the moment I clear my memory's Standby list & System working set, the Bus Interface Load drops to near zero and the frames on this airport occur as normal!
To trigger the low fps again, I just have to drone around the airport and point towards the TWA hotel (not replicated in below screenshot).

From my experience, purging the system set is not always without risk of CTD and has sometimes helped with a few frames but not as significantly as KJFK of Inibuilds (it tripples my fps atm).

For anyone trying to replicate this behaviour: GPU-Z for monitoring GPU and intelligent standby list cleaner from Wagnardsoft.


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We started looking into this today, but so far could only recreate it when we selected unreasonably high graphic settings.

Could you please send me a screenshot of your graphic settings you use?

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After some further testing, I was able to confirm a performance decrease when throttling the GPU's PCIe connection with x8 3.0 connection instead of my ordinarily used x16 3.0 PCI connection.

In other words; I highly suspect the New York area + KJFK addon requires additional system properties on top of MSFS recommended system specifications and the area on itself is already on the verge of system requirements.

For payware, these things should be noted and be given up front of purchase just like any other software. Instead it does seem common for payware to just buy it before you know it works on your system or not. At the very least some note on performance should be noted regarding the system. Until I see a change in policy regarding payware performance, I see no reason to buy any payware from now on honestly (and that's too bad bec it's quite wonderful what's possible with MSFS).

Regardless, if some conclusion shows up after research; sharing would be appreciated

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