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  1. i had same problem, install it again and now work
  2. this airport had all time performance problem but now after SU14 is completely broken! 10 fps and stuttering!! back to default.
  3. Same problem here... KJFK and now this scenary... We have a solid system and they just answer reduce terrain level. I can't understand your policy. There is other many big airports with good performance(also from you) but the last release of big airport is just stuttering...stuttering and stuttering.
  4. 8k????? why they produce airport with 8k texture?? this is news for me... we need NASA video card for use it!
  5. After many test and after last update i need to change my previus topic, i still have issue with stuttering, yes now is less,but still have many. i try to turn off everything from inimanager and set 150 LOD but nothing change. is strange that sometimes i have 40 fps...after 4 minute again less 10...during taxi back to 30, is very instable. I have this issue just with your airport,with default KJFK I have 50 fps stable.(and with many others big airport) My configuration is not bad(i think) ryazen7 5800x3d 32gb ram 4070 ti monitor 2k Some idea?
  6. After update i can fly again with your product)) Thank you!
  7. me too... i installing again default kjfk,change also grafic card with 4070 ti,but issue still the same with inibuilds kjfk.
  8. Many peaples have a problem with stuttering.... so, maybe SD textures will be help. N.B. i don't have a problem with HD in EGLL and LAX but still have stuttering in JFK
  9. Mirko

    Poor performance

    Are you discover something? I try also with community folder empty and with low grafic setting... still have stuttering. Just in KJFK happen this.
  10. Mirko

    Poor performance

    how i can check it? i just see with task manager that my cpu working 10%...GPU 100% and all Vram is full. this not happen with all others scenary, also EGLL ,CPU work around 40% and GPU less 90%. My resolution is 3440x1440
  11. Mirko

    Poor performance

    i try 100, no AI traffic,... many stuttering still. for me KJFK is unflyable, very pitty. EGLL with AI TRAFFIC and 200 LOD work perfectly...
  12. Mirko

    Poor performance

    From 200 to 100... not means improved the performance, maybe after update we need delate again scenery cache and scenery index?
  13. Mirko

    Poor performance

    Hello, Thanks for this beautiful scenary. I had good performance since yesterday, but after last update I lost around 10 fps and I have many stuttering. My configuration is: 5800x3d, 3070ti,32gb. I disable internal building...peaples and terrain level from 200 to 150,but never help. Some idea? Before I never had this bad performance.
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