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recently encountered a problem a few times, where when loading in the A310, the plane isn't set to C&D, when it should.
Even if I switch to C&D, it remains as if external power is applied. I looks and sounds as if hte plane is powering down, but screens remain on and buttons don't react, when I try to turn external poer off and or turn batteries on or off. 

Its just doesn't seem to be loading in correctly and then 'getting confused' over where its at.

I tried with various liveries, now slowly getting rid of most and grabbing the ones from the iniBuilds store, where I can.



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Still having this problem, so I decided a few days ago delete the 310 and download it fresh. Everything works fine this time, but on subsequent flights the same problem came back..

Any hints or tips would be much appreciated. Tempted to throw out all liveries and download them again from inibiilds store.

Must add also, that I have had similar problems with other aircraft in the sim, the CRJ, the Fenix, and sometimes the PMDG as well. Then, for a few days, things seem fine again, but then the problem is back.

Has anyone encountered something similar?.




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Sorry for the late reply.

I can´t seem to reproduce this, however as it is happening with other planes as well for you I doubt it is an issue with teh A310 and rather another plugin interfering with all these planes. Do you have any Ground Equipment plugins installed that could cause this?

Best course of action would try to see if it happens with an empty community folder and if it doesn't add back the plugins one by one and see what causes the issue.

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I removed all liveries as well as runway texture add-on (via MSFS add-on manager), and ‘Hey Presto!’, all worked without hiccups, not just for the A310, but Fenix, PMDG etc as well.
Atm only adding liveries as I need them, one by one, and will try to test the runway textures add-on again soon as well. Will update here when that happened.

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