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A310: AP NAV mode, LOC & GS capture and track issue.


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I tried a takeoff, approach and landing at same airport VGSY. I chose rw 29 for takeoff. Selected approach ILS RW 11, freq. 111.50, crs 115 deg., transition D230L. After takeoff, I used HDG SEL. Then DIR TO D230L in FMS. Pressed NAV. But A310 AP unable to follow navigation to D230L. It goes away from the track. So, I reverted to HDG SEL. Followed the track by HDG SEL. At intercept heading, I selected LOC. LOC* appeared. Then pressed LAND and selected 2nd AP. GS blue appeared. But A310 can't capture and track GS. I had to select VS and completed the landing in a very clumsy way. 

For reference, I flew the same flight with PMDG 737-800. It flies very well.

I don't subscribe to Navigraph presently. I don't know whether that poses any issue to navigation of MSFS 2020  default airplanes and Inibuilds A310.

Please help.


Haseen Ahmad.

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