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Sounds in SU12 Update - Feedback


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Hi team,

First up, thanks for pushing such a comprehensive update for this plane - it's one of my favourites in the sim as it's such an interesting combination of analogue and computerised tech - love that period of time, tech wise.

I have some (constructive) feedback regarding the sounds. Just to add some colour, I am formerly an audio engineer, and now a software product manager in the audio/video space, so I do understand some of the challenges that you guys face, and would be very happy to help the team directly if needs be.

Engine Sounds:

  • Overall, a big improvement. Great to hear the "buzzsaw" growl of the CF6 on takeoff!
  • The overall engine sound mix should have a little more low end - and that buzzsaw should be a bit thicker/bassier sounding. When you're on a big jet, the whole thing is vibrating, rattling and shaking, and some of that is due to the engines at full power. And these are big engines!
  • Lack of engine sounds in cabin - see below...
  • The vast majority of users will be facing forward in the cockpit, and the left/right engine sounds are very monaural. Don't get me wrong, it's a big improvement on what was there before, but a bit more space/stereo between the left and right engine sounds would add a lot to the immersion.

Cockpit Sounds:

  • The packs seem to be poorly mixed with the background noise of the cockpit. When the packs are switched on, it should be a clearly noticeable rise in noise in the cockpit, and throughout the cabin. Similarly, when the packs are turned off for engine start, it should feel eerily quiet. I can hear the packs start/stop sounds, but it sounds like they are hitting a limiter/compressor and ducking the overall mix.
  • The wind sound seems a little one dimensional, like white noise that comes in and masks everything else. It's hard to describe, but it should be more of a whooshing sound, with slightly less high end content. Take a flight in the FBW a32nx for an example of what I mean. To be honest, that's actually a great example of a very well produced sound set overall, in then cockpit and cabin.
  • When flaps or spoilers are deployed, you should be able to hear a low frequency rumble.
  • Ditto with gear - when the front nosewheel is down, you should be able to hear a rumble/wind rushing sound.

Cabin Sounds:

  • To be quite honest, the cabin sound is almost non existent, aside from some wind and the new engine HYD pump sound (which is great btw). The Inibuilds a310 has THE BEST modelled cabin in MSFS, but virtually no sounds!
  • The packs sounds should be audible evenly throughout the cabin. If you think about it, there are air-con vents all the way down the cabin, so really the packs sound should not be emitted from a single point.
  • The engine sounds simply don't seem to be there in the cabin. In front of the wing, the howl/whine/buzzsaw should be clearly audible, similar to in the cockpit. Over the wing, the whine of the engine with more low end should be audible. Behind the wing, there should be a loud rumble as all of the power of the jet hits the fuselage. Almost like a LPF is applied as you move backwards.
  • The wind sound should be a combination of what's there at the moment (the wind rumble) and some more of the "whooshing" sound as mentioned above. See FBW for a good example.
  • The brake fans should be faintly audible around the wing area.
  • The HYD pumps should change in pitch with HYD pressure demand.
  • The fuel pumps should produce a sound.

    That's all that comes to mind at the moment - if you've gotten this far, then thank you for taking the time to read my feedback - as I mentioned earlier, this is intended as purely constructive. Do let me know if I can be of any assistance.


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Bruh I’m completely turnt off from flying this plane now it’s so annoying man the sounds just killed it and it’s Gonna take forever before this gets changed of course Smt a310 back in the hanger sucks this is like the only thing we had on Xbox and now it’s messed up forced to go back to the hjet 😔 

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On 3/24/2023 at 11:10 AM, FailCold said:
  • To be quite honest, the cabin sound is almost non existent, aside from some wind and the new engine HYD pump sound (which is great btw). The Inibuilds a310 has THE BEST modelled cabin in MSFS, but virtually no sounds!

Absolutely, want to bump this. The cabin sounds on the A310 are extremely quiet, almost as if there are none at all on or behind the wing. The only thing audible is hydraulics, but the characteristics packs and engine sounds disappear. Would love to see this added--really makes going to the virtual cabin an immersion killer. 

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