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Mriya dead on land without internet connection on XBOX


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Good morning/afternoon iniBuilds, the day of the launch on XBOX I was a person who bought it and I have had a major problem for 2 days.

When I am already on the ground and without internet connection, the plane starts with the batteries and other switches up now, with the right windshield wiper working, but the plane is dead "electrically", changing the position switches does not change anything.

Things I've tried:

Console disconnected from internet and play in full offline mode> Mriya dead.

Console connected to the internet but I play in full offline mode>Mriya dead.

Console connected to the internet, but, go to online mode from options> Mriya dead.

Console connected to the internet with online mode already activated> Mriya works correctly.

The question I have is, is it a bug on your side or WASM needs internet and I didn't know it.

Thank you.

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I'm afraid this is one for the Microsoft forums as I don't know if WASM on Xbox needs an internet connection or not; however I kinda doubt it. If the right windshield wiper is turned on on initial load it is a sign that the Antonov didn't fully compile. However it is weird that this would change when the console gets connected to the internet.

I will however log this issue internally as well 🙂

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