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KEGE MSFS Floating Signs


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I have an issue with some signs "floating" well above the taxiway (A) going to RWY 07 and wanted to ask if this is something known or perhaps something I can fix?

If I can provide any additional info, please let me know.

Thank you for any insight, recommendations, or help!


64GB DDR5-5600
RTX 4090
2TB Samsung 990Pro NVME
Dedicated MSFS system
Win 11 Pro

KEGE 07 2023-03-18_123604.jpg

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Hello, thanks for reaching out. 

We checked this in our sim as well and everything was fine. It seems like something went wrong with your installation.

Please make sure you have no other add ons/mesh add ons for this airport installed, as this can occur issues like this. 

Kind regards 


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