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AN-225 - Wipers, Fan, Cargo Door, and Throttle


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Hello, I have had several issues with the AN-225 after my purchase yesterday. When I load into the plane, the FO windshield wiper is active, even though I didn't enable it. I also cannot disable it. The CPT wiper isn't enabled when I load in; however, it won't function. Both the CPT and FO fans won't function when I click on the switch. When I try to open the cargo door, it won't open, although the EFB states that it is opening/open. Lastly, the throttle animation doesn't work. When I increase throttle, only the sound effects play. I cannot physically see the throttle moving in the simulator. If I could get help, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, Epic78 said:

I was just informed that my purchase is not refundable, is there any other way to proceed?

Interesting.. Why is it not refundable? Another way to proceed would be buying a CPU that is within the minimum system specs (4th gen Intel CPU Ryzen AMD CPU with AVX support)


Or you just see the purchase as a donation towards the real thing 😕

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7 hours ago, gumbyger said:

Yeah, work folder is supposed to be empty. Have they tried a reinstall?

we found solution: a folder where game was installed contained Cyrillic letters (as steam allowed to link that ). after relocation to Latin folder everything works as intended

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