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Oil temperature


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Dear Devs,


I just grabbed my 108 from simmarket. Love the visuals and sound!

Oil temperature should rise far slower in the airplane. I just started my first flight at Samedan in cold temperatures and after startup the oil temps were ready to go after a minute or so.

There is 15l of cold oil to be warmed up in an aircooled engine. On temperatures below zero this should take a while, give it 4 to 5 minutes. 

On the other hand the temperature should last a while. With oil temp around 80°C it should take at least 30 min for them to fall to ambient temperature.



Thank you for this gorgeous airplane!

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Unfortunately only estimates.

The engine does warm up rather slowly when surrounding air is cold as is with any aircooled engine. One would be advised to let it warm up with a little power applied as soon as oil pressure permits as this should increase heat produced.


Cooldown process is rather slow as oil doesn't circulate when engine is shut down and thus mostly rests in the tank meaning large volume and low surface to dissipate heat.

Maybe contact an owner of a real one? Dirk Bende overhauled a lot of those AS10s in Germany and has a website.

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