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AN-124 Ruslan


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Now that you have created textures, annunciation panels, EFB, 3D payload models, wings, engine models landing gear etc., I would think that creating an An-124 Ruslan would be less work than it would have been if it had to be made from scratch - as much of the assets, models and programming of systems would be identical.

A Ruslan model with the same fidelity as the Mriya would be something I'd be happy to purchase as a payware (also if the money went to iniBuilds and not funding a rebuild of the real Mriya). And I think we might be quite a few who would love a Ruslan model, as it is obviously more widely used, with more liveries and operating in and out of more airports in real life. I've even seen two Ruslans in real life myself at my local airport.

I know that there are probably no current plans for creating a Ruslan model, but please consider it, as I think it would be a good airplane requiring less development effort than others since the 124 and the 225 are so similar.

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