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Pausing the game breaks the autopilot


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So this isn’t really unique to just the AN225, but it is more of an issue on this plane than others, e.g. the FBW A320. If the game has been paused while the autopilot is engaged, even if only for a few seconds, the plane immediately begins losing control once the game is unpaused. It dramatically pitches up or down and will go to +/- 2000fpm or more. It takes a lot of manual intervention and AP resetting to stabilize the aircraft again. For clarity I’m referring to pausing using ESC, not active pause. 

I’ve tried pausing a couple times without the autopilot enabled, and it seems fine that way so I typically disable AP, pause, resume, then enable AP again. 

Is this just the nature of how MSFS’ pause system works or is there anything that can be done about it?

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