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Changing Autothrottle Target


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I’ve just about gotten the autopilot controls figured out. The one area I have a question on is how to change the target that the autothrottle is aiming for. For example, if I’m in level flight at cruising altitude, what’s the proper procedure for increasing speed from say Mach .70 to .73?

I did attempt to disable the autothrottle, increase speed manually, and then reset autothrottle but that did not seem to work. It went back to Mach .70. 

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There is no way to give the autothrottle a direct way of flying a certain Mach speed. You will have to manually increase the speed in the KMH range to your target Mach, then you can activate the Mach Hold Mode, which will then always target the current Mach speed, even if outside conditions change.

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