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Ground spoiler logic faulty: Should retract in go-around after advancing thrust


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When landing with spoilers armed (which is SOP) and initiating a go-around after touchdown (e.g. bounce), ground spoilers should retract when throttles are advanced (and no MLG compressed). In your current A310 implementation, they only retract to their maximum inflight position, but stay extended after thrust application. This would be an extremely dangerous (deadly) flaw in an airliner.

The technical documentation that I found publicly available:
only gives an implicit, but clear statement on page 17:
"In case of aircraft bouncing, the ground spoilers will remain extended provided both throttle levers are mainained at idle, and other arming conditions are still met."

Also, after landing with spoilers armed, spoilers can be retracted by advancing thrust, though the normal and recommended method is pushing the speedbrake handle down out of the arming detent.

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