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Updated Inimanager now redownloading all products


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I just updated my Inimanager to v2.09 and its now redownloading all 15 products that I have!
This is completely unnecessary as my install path has not changed, the new version recognised my path and is just re-installing on top of my existing installation.

This is at least 30GB of totally wasted bandwidth.

Please can you stop this behaviour when updating? IT should be able to recognise that the products are already installed especially when the install path is exactly the same.
Massive waste of time and bandwidth.

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This is indeed very weird and not intended behaviour. The manager should never download anything without you starting the download.

In addition this last update to the iniManager should have improved detecting of already downloaded sceneries so this behaviour is even weirder to me.


Did you initiate the downloads or did they just start on their own?

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They just started on their own. I recall my steps clearly...........

I have a custom install path:


This was the path I had set previously, and was running v2.0.6 of the inimanager
I downloaded the v2.0.9 update from the link in the forum post here and saved it.
Ran the update exe as admin and it installed in the same location as the previous version v2.0.6

Then I ran the inimanager and immediately all 15 product downloads started on their own.
A download dialog appeared on the right side of the manager with all my products listed under active downloads, where it then went through them one by one.

I checked the install path thinking that maybe it was trying to download them into a default path but no it had correctly picked up my  custom location and was simply installing over the top of my existing products.
It appeared that it thought that my products needed updating because the icon was yellow - It had clearly detected that my products were installed but it was still downloading the entire product.

Hope this helps, but I confirm absolutely 100% that the downloads started on their own. I simply ran the inimanager and it happened as soon as the manager opened.

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