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Xometry KEGE for XP12 - Ortho4XP patch issue


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Hi all,

I've just installed the update to Eagle County, and now trying to build a new Ortho tile using the patch. I dropped the patch into \Patches\+30-110\+39-107.

When running the script I've noticed the following error / warning: 


   Loading elevation data and smoothing it over airports.
    Downloading  ..\Elevation_data\+30-110\N39W107.hgt from Viewfinderpanoramas (J. de Ferranti).
    Downloading  ..\Elevation_data\+40-110\N40W107.hgt from Viewfinderpanoramas (J. de Ferranti).
    * Min altitude: 1887.0 , Max altitude: 4384.0 , Mean: 3005.981
   Patching KEGE.patch.osm
    Wrong number of nodes or non closed way for a altitude_high/altitude_low polygon, skipped.
   Auto-patched 3 runways and 21 pieces of taxiway.

Is this a fundamental issue with the patch or a config issue on my side?

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On 12/23/2022 at 11:42 PM, Captnchris said:


On occasion, please share your Ortho4XP settings before you start generating the tile. This may be helpful for troubleshooting.


Hi Chris, sorry I never came back on this - appreciate it's not too helpful.

It turns out that in spite of the errors, I tried using the tile produced by O4XP and it all looked OK in the sim.

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