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ATIS Issue Follow Up with Radio Screen Shots


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Hello Support Team,

I realize the ATIS issue was previously reported and may be fixed awaiting an update release. Just in case you're not aware, I would like to share some additional information. The attached pic's show a below and after tuning the radio to ATIS.  As you can see in the "Before Switch" picture the non-primary channel is tuned to ATIS. After selecting ATIS tuning, you'll note both radios automatically tune to a non-selectable channel, 134.824.  The "3rd" picture shows that if I go back and select ATIS from the MSFS menu that radio tunes to 134.824 instead of 134.825.  

During all this ATIS is stuck in the initial announcement loop - now for the crazy part.  If I switch to an external view with the radio tuned to ATIS, ATIS works adjust fine, if I switch back to the cockpit its broken and switch by to external it works.  

If you need any support, please let me know.  Thank you again.






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