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iniScene San Antonio (KSAT) for MSFS v1.08 Released


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v1.08 of iniScene San Antonio (KSAT) for MSFS has been released. This update includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.


- Another round of optimizations targeting draw-call reductions, node and material reductions.
- Re-evaluated and addressed problematic LOD's for 3D vegetation and parked vehicles.
- Re-worked vast majority of ground polygon to correct deformed taxilines and asphalt materials and uv maps.
- Added Hangar interior to hangar with automating opening/closing door, re-worked existing hangar materials/textures/mesh.
- Added in missing highway overpass bridges. -added southern section of highway overpass.
- Re-Worked night lighting slightly, added lighting to airport overflow GSE parking area.
- General enhancements to visuals while keeping a steady performance balance.
- Compatability with iniManager config options

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