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  1. Hello all,

    If you are experiencing any performance/VRAM issues please use these 2K textures and normals, as these resolve the loss of performance on some systems. 

    Place the three folders ACJ, Cabin and, Ground in \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\iniSimulations_A310-300_Passenger_ACJ\objects and replace.


    Kind regards,
    The iniBuilds Team

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  2. Hi Luca,

    We have not tested our Aerosoft Hamburg Professional GSX Profile for the latest version of the Aerosoft sim-wings Hamburg P3D v4.5-5 scenery. The Aerosoft Hamburg Professional GSX Profile currently available was intended for the Aerosoft - German Airports Hamburg Professional for P3D v4 which is the predecessor to the new Aerosoft Hamburg scenery which was recently released. 

    Kind regards,

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