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NZPM: Wrong plane on the passenger tarmac...

Bert Groner

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Hello all at XWind!

Thanks for making Palmerston airport - it's a great scenery.

May you please check the following?

1. At the passenger tarmac I see a Diamond twin prop there beside (correct) Dash 8-Q400. It shouldn't be there.

While beeing at NZPM there have been a lot of parking spots for smal airplanees free.

2. May you place some static GA airplanes at the apron of the Massey University School of Aviation? Now it looks very empty...

3. What about creating the Palmerston North Regional Hospital with the helipad and hangar for virtual heli pilots?

Thanks a lot in advance - have a good time!



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Hi Bert,

Will look into how to replace the Twin Star with regional jets. The gates are drawn as "gates" in MSFS, so theoretically it shouldn't be putting a twin star in. Will also look into placing some static DA42s in the Massey ramp.



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