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    Welcome to Victorville! This is a Static Aircraft Extension for the KVCV Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport payware scenery by Xometry. The screenshots above shows how the static aircraft extension looks like by using the corresponding scenery. Installation All you need to make this static aircraft extension work, is to copy the content (Earth nav data folder) directly into your KVCV scenery folder and replace if asked. Very easy! Please make sure you have following library installed: - MisterX Library (Huge thanks to MisterX for his fantastic static aircrafts, which brings this scenery to life!) For questions, answers, support or feedback, feel free to jump on my discord server: https://discord.gg/ggnHwHgqYq
  2. Hello, thanks for your message and your purchase! The most aircraft are shown over the airport are part of the static aircraft extension. That means, these aircrafts are referenced from a library you have installed and are not direct part of the scenery. It’s an annoying problem which unfortunately cannot be fixed, sorry! To keep the file size low and the performance high I decided to use static aircrafts from a library instead of creating many custom static aircrafts. The file size of these static aircrafts in all its variations and liveries alone would be at least 1GB and that is out of proportion. Kind regards
  3. Hello, thanks for purchasing my product! Here is a hotfix I've made. Just copy this Earth_Nav_data folder into the scnenery folder and replace if asked. Let me know if the issue is fixed. Earth_nav_data.zip
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