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  1. Hello, we just added some new patch, and the patches work fine in 5.2
  2. Hello, try without the file, normally latinvfr have updated their landscape 100% compatible to 5.2
  3. Hello, you can download the profile in the download page directly. We put it online. Don't forget to take the last effect library.
  4. Yes of course, download the profile and the effects library Regards
  5. Thanks for all these suggestions, for the rights I'll let @Sam see this, For the Add-on.xml folder I never thought about it, it's a good idea, I'll do that later. Regards,
  6. I looked, great work, we will publish it Thank you
  7. Hello nidaren, yes you can, send it to us, we check it Regards
  8. No worries, we are working on an update of the effects for P3D V5, they are in testing, it makes them a little brighter
  9. Yes it is different, but I am trying to make it brighter for that person who doesn't like it the way it is, you can try it if you want
  10. Please try this B777ER, LFPG_DL_V2.bgl
  11. Hello UAL1035, Sorry for the response time, I'm trying to find something, but it's a bigger problem than a simple exclusion, I invite you to go to their forums : https://www.sunskyjet.com/newforum/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=20&sid=c527392f799e4875ef9600001d86e342 Regards, Kevin,
  12. Hello B777ER, ok, let's take a look, are you on P3D V4 or V5?
  13. Hello, we have a server problem, we are trying to fix it asap. Thank you for your patience Kevin
  14. Hello everyone, sorry for the late response, I am writing down your request and it will be in the next update Regards,
  15. Hello, sorry to hear that you are having errors .. the profiles you are reporting are old profiles .. need an update, I will note it and keep you posted. Regards , Kevin,
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