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  1. Hello Godehardt, I'm sorry, Guam we have already tried, but it's more complicated than a simple exclusion .. Regards
  2. cloutcomputer, Can you give me the AFCAD file for Tel Aviv and Amman airports please?
  3. Ale2000 I cannot exclude SEQU, because it does not extist in the P3D V5 database. Sorry Kevin,
  4. Hello Ale2000, alexmish Thank you I note it Kevin,
  5. Hello cloutcomputer, Thank you I note it Kevin,
  6. I will go check EGLL and I will keep you posted
  7. Pilotrob89, you open the archive with what software?
  8. Hi Peter, make sure you have the P3D special effects parameter sliders on the far right. And in the cfg file, did you increase the spot light points to 500 or 1000? Regards
  9. do you have a moment during the day to do a teamviewer? I will take control of your PC to see what happens?
  10. Do you have the special effects settings on the right ? envtex is not a problem, enshade can but you still got a light .. try without envshade to see if the problem is solved,
  11. hellov HenrikIsaksen, Thanks for reporting the problem, glad you found the solution. Thank you for sharing. Good flights, and have a pleasant holiday
  12. have you installed the effects that you find here ?
  13. Hello Denmax, ok I will note it for the next update, Happy holidays to you too
  14. Hello Andrew, I see that this is a big problem with the height .. unfortunately, if the exclude does nothing, then you have to wait for an action from the developer .. sorry
  15. Hello Michael, Can you send me a picture to see what it looks like please? Regards,
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