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  1. Kevin B

    LFRS v5 exlcude file

    hello Tim, ok it's noted it will be in the next update, however, jetstream design have released an update for V5, Regards, Kévin
  2. Hey Sky_King, ok i will watch this, thanks Kévin
  3. Hello niksan29, Due to demand, you have to go through the store here: https://store.inibuilds.com/ But we will be happy to hear your requests for projects. Regards Kevin,
  4. John, oh ok, glad you found the old one! Good flights to you Kévin,
  5. John, Can you please try that, tell me if everything is ok, not too bright or not enough. Once it's ok for you I will give you the official version. Thanks Kévin EDDF_DL.bgl
  6. John, are you P3D V4 or V5? Regard, Kévin,
  7. John, EDDF_DL_V2.bgl Please try this file and tell me if it is better, Kévin,
  8. Hello John, I'm sorry I no longer have the old profile .. But what is wrong with V2? is it not strong enough for you? Kévin,
  9. Hello Aviator_79, Yes just delete the DL_bgl file in scenery, this should delete the lights made by them. No need to touch the effects. Tell me if it works. Regards, Kevin,
  10. Hey niksan29, Oh ! Thanks. Noted ! it will be updated very soon Kévin,
  11. Thank you for the return, Happy flying Kévin,
  12. I am at 2.2 in brightness it must be for that
  13. you must be in without HDR?
  14. Hello RhysCPFC, Did you correctly place the replacement textures? Photo taken on P3D V5 Kévin,
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