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  1. Hello Downloaddude, sorry for the delay, Please try this, replace the existing file Regards, Kevin EGNM_DL_V2.BGL
  2. Hello, if the exclusion file does not work then you have to see the developer directly. Regards, Kevin,
  3. Hello, all of our V4 lighting profiles are fully P3D V5 compatible, just take the P3D V5 library from the download page. Regards, Kévin,
  4. Hello xuguoxing, if the exclusion file does not work then you have to see the developer directly. Regards, Kevin,
  5. Here is as promised the VMMC_Exclude.bgl file, Add it in the scenery folder of the scene Regards, VMMC_Exclude.bgl
  6. hello, yes I can do it, I will do it for you tomorrow,
  7. Hello Scmi18, Please try to add the file RPLL_Exclude.bgl in the scenery folder of the scene. Regards Kevin, RPLL_Exclude.bgl
  8. Bonjour Nicolas, pouvez-vous télécharger à nouveau la bibliothèque d'effets ? Vos paramètres d'effets spéciaux sont-ils réglés complètement à droite ?
  9. Hello, we just added some new patch, and the patches work fine in 5.2
  10. Hello, try without the file, normally latinvfr have updated their landscape 100% compatible to 5.2
  11. Hello, you can download the profile in the download page directly. We put it online. Don't forget to take the last effect library.
  12. Yes of course, download the profile and the effects library Regards
  13. Thanks for all these suggestions, for the rights I'll let @Sam see this, For the Add-on.xml folder I never thought about it, it's a good idea, I'll do that later. Regards,
  14. I looked, great work, we will publish it Thank you
  15. Hello nidaren, yes you can, send it to us, we check it Regards
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