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ECAM 'Fuel' synoptic


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I was just trying to correct a slight fuel imbalance between various tanks and in the process, I noticed some possibly missing or incorrect lines on the 'Fuel' ECAM page:

In the image below there probably should be an amber line from the 'Inner Left' tank up to the valve (I marked in the image below with a magenta line). Rather than turn amber this line has disappeared in this configuration.

Also, the line from the centre 'X-Feed' Valve to the 'Eng 1' Valve is showing as amber (circled).  This probably should be green rather than amber as fuel is still flowing in this configuration through the X-Feed to Engine 1.


In the image below, there perhaps should be an amber line leading up from the 'Inner Right' tank to the valve. The line disappears in this configuration.  Again, I have indicated this with a magenta line.


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