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Ground air conditionning bis


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Hey y'all,

We have the ASU which is a great option when we have the APU MEL.

However, it would be great to have ground air for air conditionning as well. In real life, airliners are connected to ground air cond very often (actually ASU start doesn't happen very often, only when we cannot use APU).

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Sorry, just meant to reply to the post that was closed before I was able to reply.

Well, it is quite important. In the real world, on some airliners, if you don't verify that ground air conditionning is disconnected (or at least shut down) then you might end up blowing some hoses or even packs if you open the APU bleed air. Too much pressure and you're screwed. In my plane, you will blow air hose at the packs for sure...

Would be cool to simulate that (ground air and blowing hose/pack) 🙂

Just my 2 cents

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