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Autothrottle problem


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I already completed several flights without particular issues.

Shortly ago I was on short final, I disengaged autopilot and autothrottle but there was no way to move the throttles. They stayed at idle position and the only way to move them was to engage autothrottle again. I wanted to go on manual mode but there was no way. Did I do anything wrong or it is a bug? Again, I already did several flights and never experienced this.



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45 minutes ago, gumbyger said:


This does sound weird indeed. There currently is no known bug like that for us. Make sure the hardware is correctly connected and that the axis are bound to the 0-100% one. Maybe you accidentally changed the profile and had the other one bound?

It's not hardware related because, I forgot to mention, once I managed to touch the ground (it was not easy) the throttle went in manual mode (it appeared on the PFD and I was able to move them again). Plus I spent five minutes trying troubleshooting while in air, so I recalibrated three times and afterwards went through all the checklist without success.

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