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Acceleration height profil need improvement


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Another one that could be improved :

Acceleration profil are way too slow. Reaching acceleration height and 10.000ft the aircraft is accelerationg too slowly.

for exemple, at 3000 ft acceleration height the plane is keeping climbing too much, thus reaching 250kt around 10.000 ft (I tried with a light weight takeoff). Same with acceleration at 10.000ft from 250kt to 300kt.

In real life acceleration is much quicker with the aircraft slowing the rate of climb around 1000ft/min, of course depending the aircraft and the weight but the minimum is 1000ft/min as ATC expect us to have at least this rate of climb (with airliner not light aircraft). Definitely not 2800ft/min with a very slow acceleration.

Maybe a point that you can look at as well...

Keep the blue side up !

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This is a bit tricky to reproduce, as it´s always dependent on the Cost Index chosen.

The initial 10000ft could very well also be because of the climb characteristics of the A310, as it usually reaches those 10000ft whithin 2-3 minutes after departure, leaving little time to accelerate as it is - especially if you factor in flap/slat retraction.

In my test flight i just did, i was at 300ish knots by around 18.000ft which seems about right I think 🙂

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Yeah, maybe it is indeed difficult to reproduce it in the sim. But for sure, in real life airliners accelerate quicker than that, priority is given to accelerate to whatever speed is needed with CI rather than rate of climb. ROC will be whatever it is at CI speed.

Thanks anyway.

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