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My global issues and suggestions


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Hello everyone,

Here is my 2 cents. No mean to complain, just trying to help out Inibuild to make the A310 even better. Some of the issues and suggestions below might have been already discussed, it is just to confirm the same things on my side though :

- Engine oil quantity : too much oil in those engine (outside of reading range), in real life on those engine you get around 18 to 20 qt MAX. Also, when you start the engine there is a drop in oil quantity of about 3 to 4 qt (due to the oil starting circulating). I found a video where you can see that :

- White nav light don't appear on both wingtips, however the reflection on the ground is present but way too bright.

- The pressurization system is working only about half the time. When it's not working I have the same problem as discussed in other post. Despite several try, I am not able to reproduce it or link it to something that might cause that.

- A working terrain radar would be great indeed, especially when flying special approaches (like Innsbruck or Sion).

- I can see that the APU door slightly open, but only few inches, definitely not the opening we should observe.

- TCAS dimming possibility. If there is one I didn't find it (way too bright for those long haul night flight).

- Implementing custom ground equipment (not everyone is using GSX and the MSFS ground equipment sucks).

Keep up with the great work, you guys rock !

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Thanks for the writeup 🙂

1) Im not sure if the maxed out oil is intentional from our side, as a compromise to not need to refuel the oil after doing some flights, I´ll put it on our internal feedback thread for sure 🙂

2 and 3 are known issues and are actively worked on

4) We had a working terrain radar during the beta, but the performance wasn´t as good as we wanted, so it was omitted for the release build. It might return in the future.

5 and 7) Will add those to our internal feedback thread as well 🙂

6) I don´t think it was possible in the real aircraft, which why it´s not possible in our version. Maybe we can couple it to the PFD brightness though for better visibility, I shall ask and note in the feedback thread as well 😄

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