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Trim wheel sound


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I noticed in some YT videos, there is a trim movement sound when the trim is used. I don’t hear that in my sim.

The trim is moving fine and i can see the trim wheel moving visually.

Is it correct that a trim wheel moving sound is implemented and if so, do you have any suggestions to get it working.

Sound settings on the efb are all set at 50% and all sounds are at 100% in the msfs settings.

Btw, i’m having a blast flying this plane  the handling and the delayed thrust is spot on!

Kind Regards,

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Trim sound does work on my side, you can hear it if you hold the trim long enough. It is a runaway trim warning so you should not hearing it under normal circumstances, again except if you hold it long enough.

Like the EMB-145, after 3 sec you got "TRIM" warning call and the trim stop working to avoid a runaway. Here it's the same except that the trim will not stop automatically.

Hope that answer your question.

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