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Which LVAR activates the TO GA in the A310?


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Hello.  I am trying to map the autothrottle TOGA to a button on My honeycomb Bravo Throttle.

I have the Airbus throttle levers and the two throttle levers hae a red button on each one.  The one on the right I have successfully mapped to engauge the reversers but for the life of Me, I can't seem to find the correct variable to engauge the Takeoff thrust that occurs when you click the button on sthe glaire shield.  See attached photo


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15 minutes ago, DLH9KA said:

Which one is it i mean besides the knob?

The Variable is:  A310_takeoff_tooggle (LVAR)  

I also found that in My Alpha yoke, button 4 (the big red one) can  be used to turn the autothrottle off on a short press.  That one is:  A310_AUTOTHROTTLE_MASTER_SWITCH_GENERS (LVAR).  Set both to  zero  as a value

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