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PFD-ND, AP freeze


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Firstly I want the say a thank you and a congratulate for the team for making this great plane.

So what happened to me today:

Today I went on a flight to LSZH from LOWW. When I was on final approach into LSZH I reqested an ATIS without any problem. After about 5 mins I performed a GA due to wrong ILS freq (it was my fault).

On the second try I entered some information into the SEC FPL page and my fps went to the sky. After that I noticed nearly all of my systems freezed. 
I haven't tested all of them after that but my standby altimeter worked without any problem and I was able to control the plane.

I haven't tested again this so I wasn't able to reproduce this sadly. But that's all information as far as I know.




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