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No approach to runway 13 VHHX when using Navigraph data


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Hi, I was trying to fly the IGS13 approach into VHHX but I couldn't find any approaches to runway 13 on the FMS F-PLN page. 20221112032858_1.thumb.jpg.43fbc44fde6bc003832500ad74d5d5e8.jpg

I suspect this is because the approach being named GPS13 from the navigraph data and the aircraft might not recognize it20221112044214_1.thumb.jpg.04c082d27597259835231e377ce37502.jpg

I asked on the Navigraph forums and it turns out to be a sim limitation. They have to convert it to a GPS approach for it to work. Are there any work arounds to this or would it be possible for the aircraft to recognize a GPS apparoach in some future update to enable it to fly this apparoch? Thanks.

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Thanks for your post. 

It might be tricky on this one as we would have the filter all the approaches to allow GPS approaches which might cause confusion for other airports  with published GLS approaches that that 310 won't be able to fly. 

But we will keep this in mind thanks for posting. 

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That is my work around for now... I added a set of custom waypoints in the REF page according to the approach charts and everytime I will need to manually enter the waypoints into the FMS, does the job fine enough. However I was not able to capture the localiser until like 10 DME and glideslope only at around 6-7 DME, still have to do a big chunk of the descent manually, not sure if this is a Navigraph error or something related to the plane itself.

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