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Heathrow Trailer Feedback

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First let me say I’m a huge fan of inibuilds and honestly anything they put out. I watched with great excitement the trailer for Heathrow this morning, as a London born native this airport holds a special place in my heart. I grew up watching Concorde, classic 747s, Trijets and many more arrive and depart from this aviation nuts sacred tarmac. 
I have some feedback relating to the preview edit I would like to share, I know from experience constructive feedback is always received well by the team.

  • the opening sequence presents us with a Delta liveried aircraft, I thought this was a strange choice being that Heathrow is synonymous with BA. While Delta does have a hub at Heathrow I personally thought opening with an American carrier was a little odd. Better for Atlanta maybe?  
  • a lot of focus on aircraft shots while showcasing an airport. T5 is a glass gem that could have been showed off with a sunrise hitting the glass. T4 is iconic as Concordes original spawn point, so to speak. Shots of the sheds while landing on 27R also extremely famous could have been included. The cargo areas on the back side of T4 would have been a nice touch also and finally wet textures. Heathrow sees some serious weather at times and it’s typically raining when I venture back home from the US. 
  • last point is the music, it’s fantastic however cutting the clips in-line with the tempo changes, while very cinematic left me feeling a little lost. 

please do not think this is in anyway a bash on what is an awesome looking airport. I fully understand the effort that goes into producing these kinds of video, I just feel there was some areas of improvement.

great work as always it will be a day one purchase for me, long over due in any sim. I hope it can be brought to XP. 

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Thanks for your feedback. We feel the choices made are in line with what we intended to achieve. If we wish to change our way of approaching promotions of products, this will be taken into account.

Also, Delta do often fly 767-400s to LHR and British Airways was featured for over a minute in the video. 

Many thanks!

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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