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  1. Now this is simply superb. Thanks for posting it.
  2. @ides304 I cannot speak to why the team have areas of the support forum locked for only users, but I can speak to the incredible product they have produced and the subsequent support level provided. You will not find a better plane in XP11 or this level of support. why would you require support for a product you don’t own? Their discord will provide all the answers you seek and the team is highly active within it. I have zero affiliation with inibuilds, but personally I think the A300 is second to none and their customer service post purchase cannot be matched. just my ten cent
  3. @Samappreciate that Sam thank you. I have some really good shots from LOWI with the house inibuilds livery I`ll be putting up in the next few days.
  4. Dawn, Rome, Rome–Fiumicino International Airport
  5. Kiev early morning wet departure
  6. I've created this for all the great artists and photographers out there to showcase their screenshot craft. Please only post realistic or cinematic shots.
  7. @m$sha quoting MJ from Discord. This is why I said next few weeks. Non descript timeline. V1.04 first then the PAX version.
  8. @vincent passenger variant is coming in a few weeks, already announced.
  9. Could not agree more with Markos comment. the model is so far ahead of the curve its almost laughable. The very small issues identifed by members of the community are testiment to this impressive product. Fabulous product and great support. Fantatstic to see a dev team fully engaged and commited to providing the very best customer service on top of a very obvious passion for this amazing product.
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