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IniBuilds A300 crashes upon startup - log.txt + further information in desciption


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Good evening.

I first started using the iniBuilds A300 just after v2 was released - it worked flawlessly for the first month, despite giving me some trouble regarding my frame rate which was easily dodged by lowering my graphics.

Shortly afterwards, the aircraft's fps performance kept decreasing slightly on each flight, until it suddenly became unusable both on the ground and in the air: and now, I can't even load it up without the sim crashing.

I've done my research on other discussions and forums, and came to the conclusion that it was either the FlyWithLua plugin or my HOTAS config killing it, and I tried to remove both - this did not help at all. I attached my log.txt to see of anyone over here can decipher it properly.

Thanks in advance.

My PC specs:

iMac (2013) - please don't judge, flying on a Mac wasn't my decision

CPU: 3,5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7



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